Saturday, October 1, 2011

NEW Manchester United SCANDAL!!! David de Gea STEALING a £1.19 doughnut

A very funny incident took place, well not very funny for de Gea and  Manchester United fans, as the new Spanish keeper was caught red handed nicking £1.19 doughnut from Tesco Krispy Kreme.

The 20 year old keeper was questioned by security after being captured on CCTV with 2 of his friends speaking Spanish , walking out and leaving  the Krispy Kreme cabinet without having the attention to pay.

De Gea was lead to the store's search room and he seemed clueless of what was going and very embarrassed.

De Gea stealing a single Krispy Kreme doughnut

A Tesco spokesman : "Our security guards talked to our customer and the issue was resolved."

No further actions were taken as police was not called

At last, all what we can say, it is a great gesture for the young Spanish at least to make us laugh at Manchester United and i am sure one day the rival fans will be throwing Krispy Kremes at him on match days.


  1. Shame on him. What is £1.19 in his daily base. Big shit, thats unfaithfulness in nature. ts unfaithfulness in nature.

  2. 1.19.. even i can afford it 2 pay,!