Friday, June 10, 2011

chelsea TRAINING kits 2011/2012


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chelsea talking with Wesley Schneider

Chelsea officials will be meeting with Schneider’s agent, Marko Branca,  to discuss his transfer to play with the Blues. 

It is also known that Inter won’t sell the Dutch star for less than €35 to €45 millions.

There are also some rumours that Chelsea are ready to give both Essien and Malouda to get Schneider but nothing is sire yet.

David Luiz and Ramires in Copa America

The two Chelsea players David Luiz and Ramires will have the chance to participate with their Brazilian national team in Copa America.
So good luck to our players

It is also noteworthy that Neymar , who might also be a future Chelsea player in the future, is also invited.

[HD video] Japan Vs Czech Republic // Japan Vs Peter CECH

CECH you are the best

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Chelsea will meet with Lukaku’s agents this Saturday

Chelsea officials will meet Lukaku’s agent and Anderlecht officials in Monaco to discuss the deal and confirm the transfer of the young star.

Many clubs want to get Lukaku such as Real Madrid and Milan, but the player has confirmed that he is a Chelseafan and that his dream is to play for Chelsea.

Anderlecht are asking for not least than £20 millions to seal the deal.
So hopefully Lukaku also know as ‘ the new Drogba’ will be a Chelsea player in these coming days.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lukaku: ‘My dream is to play for Chelsea’

As we have already said Lukaku has been focusing on his studies and exams the previous week . Getting back to football his club are asking  for more than £20 millions.

Asked by a reporter what is your dream?   Lukaku ,also called “the NEW Drogba” answered: ‘My dream is to play for Chelsea’.

Lukaku's agent dmitted that Lukaku has turned down many offers from Italy and Spain and more precisely from Real Madrid. He also believes that Guss Hiddink will be Chelsea’s manager and that Lukaku will finally set in Chelsea

Chelsea opens a NEW museum

Monday, June the 6th, 2011 all Chelsea fans are delighted by the opening of the new Chelsea museum . it is a summary of a journey which has lasted more than 100 years.

There are many corners in this museum, and one of them is that containing all the trophies our club has won over the years, also you can have an idea concerning Chelsea  legends  such as  Ron Harris and Marcel Desailly …
Visiting this museum you wil get the chance to see all Chelsea kits that we have worn since 1905…

Rick Glanvill is to be thanked for his great work and contribution in creating this museum.

EXCLUSIVE ... David Luiz Interview

  End of Season Interview: David Luiz  


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

David Luiz : i will be extremely happy if Kaka moves to Chelsea

D.Luiz said that he will be very happy to see Kaka playing with Chelsea next season.

Kaka has always been a target for Chelseaand wanted by Abramovic.

David Luiz also said that his father has been and will always be his hero, but the Brazilian Kaka is his idol in football and he likes Kaka for many reasons, as a player and as a person.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spain 4-0 USA [the Highlights] // Torres scored

Spain 4-0 USA  [the Highlights]  // Torres scored

Ramires .. Brasil Vs Netherland

Ramires scored, but the goal was disalowed :(

Brazil Vs Netherland [ 3 Chelsea players]

Brazil Vs Netherland [ 3 Chelsea players] 
  Brazil --- Ramires is in
               David Luiz is on the bench
Netherland --- J.Bruma is on the bench

England 2-2 Switzerland / Lampard scored [watch ALL goals]

 England 2-2 Switzerland / Lampard scored  [watch ALL goals]

Belarus (1-1) France [Malouda Goal]

Belarus 1-1 France // Malouda Goal  // EURO 2012 Qualifier

Friday, June 3, 2011

top 20 highest paid footballers in the world -- قائمة اللاعبين الأعلى أجرا في العالم

Top 20 Paid Footballers

Fernando Torres is the 3rd highest payed player in the world

Despite his humble performance this season, Fernando Torres is ranked the  3rd highest payed player in the world. 
After joining Chelsea last January for €58.5 million, the Spanish striker seems to be the 3rd highest payed player in the world with a salary of €833.000 per month and €10.000.000 a year.

It is noteworthy that both John Terry Frank Lampard are ranked 12 and 13 with a salary of €625.000  per month and €750.000 a year.

If you want to see the list of the 20 highest payed players in the world, 

Hiddink wants to come back to Chelsea

Hiddink wants to come back to Chelsea to the club management.

Guss hiddink  said that training a national team is not like being with a club which is more preferable to him.

He said he has never told anyone that he will continue training Turkey and that he hasn’t talked to the Turkish FA president but he is sure that the latter is smart enough and that he is following the media and their gossip but at the end there is nothing official and guaranteed.
we hope that Hiddink will be Chelsea's next manager

Thursday, June 2, 2011

PES 2011 // Chelsea NEW kit 2011/12 [CooL VIDEO]


Milan offers £11m to get Drogba !!

Since the coming of Torres many speculations surrounded Drogba and his future with Chelsea, especially that abramovic has always expressed to build a new stronger and younger team.

Well, now Drogba has an offer from AC Milan who want to get Drogba but just for £11m!!
What is certain is that Chelseawon’t accept such a low price for a great star such as Didier Drogba.

Personally I would like to see Drogba finish his career in Chelsea.