Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lampard will propose to his girlfriend Christine Bleakley on board of Abramovich’s yacht.

Our legend Frank Lampard after spending a long period with his girl friend Christine Bleakley, and more precisely from October 2009.

Lamps is supposed to spend most of june with his partner.
The proposal will take place on board one of Roman Abramovich’s greatest  yachts in Sardinia in Italia next week in one of the most romantic possible ways , as claimed the source.

It is notice worthy that 31 year-old Christine has always been seen in the stadiums cheering Chelsea and standing for her future husband and our legend Frank Lampard.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Neymar 's agents are in london :)

nNow that Chelsea have lost  their interest in Sergio Aguero who, probably,  will be moving to Real Madrid, Abramovic is really crazy about finishing the deal of Neymar.

Chelsea are already talking with the young Brazilian about the cost of the deal which may reach €40 million.

well it is a serious offer especially that both Wagner Ribeiro and Pini Zahavi (agents Neymar ) are in London to discuss the deal ... so we may hear a good new in the coming days  :)

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Ivanovic's SON Stefan ♥♥ (video HD)

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kalou moving to Arsenal ...

Kalou is waiting till the arrival of the new chelsea manager to see wether he will consider him among the starting 11 especially that the Ivorian striker failed in the recent years to be among the better strikers in the team.

with Drogba , Torres, Anelka, Malouda, Sturridge and probably Neymar  Kalou really does not have a chance to be among the starting 11.... so probably he will be moving for Arsenal.

Arsenal  have always been interested in Kalou since 2008 when they wanted to get him to their side but luis Philippi Scolari, Chelsea manager at that time, refused.

A new offer for Neymar ... €26.5m

Last summer, Chelsea offered  €22m to Neymar but the deal was canceled .
Always interested in the young Brazilian, Chelsea are planning a €26.5m to Neymar.

 it is known that Abramovic revealed that he is a big fan of the 19 year-old star and that he is ready to be involved a in a personal negoceation with him :)

it is also noteworthy that Neymar is wanted by Manchester, Barcelone and Real Madrid.

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Harry Redknapp waiting for Chelsea's offer

Many rumours linked Harry Redknapp to be Chelsea's next manager.
well so far there is no official offer to him but Tottenham affirmed that if Chelsea are interested in him they wouldn't refuse to let Redknapp leave to the blues
Redknapp said that he is sure if he is going to move to Chelsea he is certain that he will earn a higher salary than that he takes in Tottenham.

at the end we say that it is more likely that he won't leave Tottenham but it is not impossible to see him in Chelsea next season.

alex ferguson close to a heart attack. ( video LOL)

laugh at ManShit Utd

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laugh at ManShit hahahahahahaha

links for ManShit Vs Barcelone

i HATE Manchester Utd

I am a Chelsea fan, but tonight i am cheering Barcelone.
I hope Mansit Utd will lose :)

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m23£ for Neymar ….

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Chelsea has offered m23£ to seal the deal with the young Brazilian.

Neymar is chased by Chelsea, Barcelone and Manchester Utd, and Abramovic has shown his interest in him. Chelsea raised the bid after offering m19£ last summer and did not succeed to convince him to move to their

A source in Chelsea affirmed: “ Abramovic is ready to get involved personally to talk with Neymar and convince him to sign for Chelsea.”

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Hiddink: i may do it ....

 Responding to the rumours linking him to Chelsea, Guss Hiddink said that he might consider abramovic’s offer to join the blues if there is an official request to train Chelsea.

Hiddink has expressed his desire to go back to the premiere league and join Chelsea once again knowing that he had trained Chelsea in 2009 for a short period and won the FA Cup.

FA CUP winners in 2009 with HIDDINK
For the moment, the dutch manager is leading  Turkey in the EURO 2012 qualification journey and he is totally committed to that.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chelsea stars having fun (cool video)

David Luiz, Ivanovic, Ferreira and Anelka were filmed participating in a giant-sized Space Invaders game (188BET). A battle in 3D projected in a 90feet Wall.

In the end, Nicolas Anelka was the winner he said that all of them had so much fun and that this game reminded him of his youth.

Josh McEachran Chelsea's Young Player of the Year 2010/11

Chelsea’s future star Josh McEachran had Chelsea's Young Player of the Year..
Although he was not given too much chance this season, McEachran is described as a very good  player with great abilities and we hope we will see him more often next seasons.

Josh McEachran Chelsea's Young Player of the Year 2010/11

Ramires .. Goal of the season (video)

The Brazilian midfielder won Chelsea TV’s goal of the season 2010/11 award. The goal chosen by the fans is that scored a superb goal against Manchester city.
The young Brazilian did not have a good start for the season and was criticized by the fans but with time he showed his talent and with more games and hard work  he will definitely be better and such an award can definitely boost his confidence.

To watch Ramires' Goal, CLICK HERE 

Ramires .. Goal of the season

Ashley COLE is Chelsea Players' Player of the year 2010/11

Ashley COLE was awarded Chelsea Players' Player of the year 2010/11, he was chosen by his peers; his team mates and those who work regularly with him.
Ashley expressed his happiness to be awarded by the men with whome he spends the majority of time.
the English left back also said that he is not very satisfied with this season and he is looking forward for better seasons with the blues :)
Personally, i think that A.Cole does not deserve this award for two reasons:
* his performance this year is not that good
* the scandle he got involved into when he mistakenly shot a 21 year old man working with chelsea medical staff.
i think Ivanovic or Drogba should have won this award.

Ashley COLE is Chelsea Players' Player of the year 2010/11
2006 ---> Claude Makelele
2007 ---> Didier Drogba
2008 ---> Ricardo Carvalho
2009 ---> Ashley Cole
2010 ---> Florent Malouda
2011 --->Ashley Cole

Petr Cech named Chelsea Player of the Year for 2010/11 (video)

Peter CECH ,the Czech Republic international and chelsea goalkeeper, was chosen chelsea player of the year for 2010/11.

about 30.000 fans voted.cech was really one of the stars of this season with his great performances in almost all chelsea games. carlo ancelotti handed him the award.
cech expressed his happiness stating that he is very proud to recieve the award especially when you are playing in chelsea with such great players.
in top three, the fans chose Branislav Ivanovic and Didier Drogba.

2005 ---> Frank Lampard
2006 ---> John Terry
2007 ---> Michael Essien
2008 --->Joe Cole
2009 ---> Frank Lampard
2010---> Didier Drogba
2011 --->Peter Cech

MORINHO the next chelsea manager ??

Now that Carlo Ancelotti left chelsea, our fans can't wait to know who will be our next coach.
there are many rumours that Jose Morinho might be the one...
well today the official chelsea football club site chose jose morinho's picture as THE SHOT OF THE DAY.
The question is is it just a picture and does not mean any thing or might he be our next coach ?
Jose Morinho is one of the best managers in the world and we hope he will come back to stamford bridge.

this picture was taken in November the 6th 2005 before a game against Manchester United.