Monday, September 26, 2011

Lampard Vs Boas

Concerning Frank Lampard and the gesture he made entering the dressing room before the end of the game, after the replacement that took place in the 81st minute (Josh McEachran for Raul Meireles), many tabloids have started gossiping about probable problems taking place inside the club between our coach André Villas Boas and our legend lampard.
well as we all know lampard has been for years one of the starting players in Chelsea and with England; he is a Chelsea legend so it is not that easy for him to find himself on the bench. let's put ourselves in shoes it is a very irritating situation .
It is clear that lampard's performance this season is not that good and frankly since last season and the damned injury he did not regain his full capacities.
At last, we should say that LAMPARD has always been a Chelsea Football Club LEGEND and he will always be, he just needs some time to gain his confidence back and amaze us as he always did.
Personally, i don't mind seeing him on the bench till he's fully ready to play but i am totally against those who say that lampard is old and he is over and chelsea do not need him any more..

Lampard on the bench
lampard entering the dressing room

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